Used Car Shopping in St. Louis Made Simple

Have you ever felt like buying a used car in St. Louis comes with countless strings attached to each and every facet of the process? While this might be the norm for other dealers in the area, Clement Auto Plaza has a different way of doing things that ensures transparency, simplicity, and integrity serve as the core facets of this undertaking.

Want to see for yourself just how simple and straightforward Clement Auto Plaza is with the terms and conditions that come with buying a used car from us? Then spend a few minutes look over the finer points of our return and billing terms and conditions and you'll soon understand why so many in St. Louis prefer the no-hassle, honest approach to the used car sales process found on our showroom floor.

Straightforward Policies, Terms, and Conditions

When it comes to refunds, billing terms and conditions, and everything else in between, Clement Auto Plaza makes it a point to pull the curtain back and provide you with a clear look at exactly how we handle these portions of the car buying process. Specifically, when shopping on our lot, you can expect the following transparent and honest terms, conditions, and policies:

Refund and Exchange Policies

refund policy

Clement Auto Plaza offers no return policy according to Missouri laws and no exchanges on vehicles.

Billing Terms and Conditions

billing terms and conditions

Clement Auto Plaza offers transparent pricing. Billing terms and conditions are provided at the time of vehicle delivery and are available by the lender upon request.

Making a Smart Choice Moving Forward

When you pair this refreshingly clear take on educating customers in regard to specific policies, terms, and conditions with Clement Auto Plaza's friendly customer service, ample selection, and rock-bottom prices, it becomes readily apparent in a hurry exactly why so many car buyers in St. Louis refuse to shop anywhere else. If you are ready to count yourself among this group, feel free to give us a call at 314-926-9913 the next time you have a free minute, or just stop by the next time you are in the neighborhood. Either way, our team will be ready and waiting to offer guidance and support as you work toward a smart used car purchase that dramatically upgrades your time spent on St. Louis roads.